Monday, May 23, 2011

Wow!! 200 Followers--- THANKYOU

Everyone-- Thank you so much for following me! That is wonderful!

Not much is going on. I have showed a lot of my shops the blue jean bags and everyone wants them-- which is nice-- but they are sometimes difficult to make what with the belt loops-- I have just been cutting them off. The day I broke 8 needles-- well it was just easier to cut them off!! But they have been selling... so that is good. Now I am starting to garage sale for more jeans!

One of my etsy groups just started a blog--  (For the Love of Small Animals). So, go check it out and follow them.

The donkeys are fine. We are just starting to try to get them used to field grass- apparently you have to do this slowly. Last year they didn't get out in the field as Morgan was not born til August and we didn't know when Lilliebean was due. Still waiting for the vet to stop by for donkey shots...And then have to make the appointment to get Morgan fixed. ( the vet comes to us for that).

So, I am making purses like mad now. All my shops want things. I see that one of my followers suggested that I sell at farmers markets etc. I do craft shows in the fall. I used to do 25 shows each spring/summer/fall and sometimes split my things and have a friend do a show the same day for me. These days, I really only do 2-3 shows in the summer/fall. I am too busy with my shops for more. That said, I have a friend who is just getting back into craft shows and I did tell her that this year I would do 3 with her this fall.
A lot of my problem with craft shows is that around here-- the people putting them on have gotten greedy-- and I really refuse to pay $45 to $50. to do a craft show at a church or a school. It is a long day to sit there and pay $50.00 to sell $400.-- my time is worth something and my gas to get there etc, etc. I do so much better with all my shops and on etsy. I have no overhead, my time is my own. Yes, I travel to my shops but it is not an all day event and I can do other things while I am out and about like groceries etc.
 And I do have to try to keep my name out there... so I do do a few... some favorite ones. So, I am off to sew.... lol.


  1. $40-$50 for a church or school craft show? wow, that's a bit too much. They aren't usually big moneymakers after all. I have a few shows I pay $200-$400 for, but they are worth it as far as sales go and for finding new collectors.

    Glad your bags are such a hit, they are beautiful


  2. Hi, Me wanted to come and thank yous for saying such nice things about us on Pets Jubilee! Me really likes your stuff (my Mommy paints) and buy, yous has lots of pets!!! Can you imagine them all in a truck!

  3. Wow!! Congratulations on 200 followers!
    That is wonderful!

    So glad I found you through the Etsy Blog Team!
    I am your newest blog follower. :)
    Looking forward to seeing your upcoming posts!
    I welcome you to check out my art blog, too!


    Mary C. Nasser

  4. My daughter and I needed t-shirts for a craft and we went to a garage sale and found a beach coverup made from knit material--I held it up and said, "Hey Elise, this one is huge!" and then realized how it sounded to the poor woman selling it...oopsie. Just a word of warning if you find a big pair of jeans...