Friday, April 8, 2011

The Donkeys-- Because You Asked

Quite a few people ask about the Donkeys. Well today is their anniversary~birthday. It was 1 year today that Lilliebean and her yearling Murphy came to us. ( I named them these names- they had stupid names by stupid men). We don't know their exact dates of birth- so the day they came to us- their Forever home is their Birthday.

Lillie (Lilliebean) in the Lavender halter is now 4..  And her son Murphy in the Red Halter is now 2
And Lillie came to us Pregnant-- we have her second son Morgan (center) also- and he is 8 months old.

They are Sicilian Cross Donkeys. They are bigger than miniature ones but very manageable in size. Morgan is growing fast and is starting to get his own personality. Murphy who when he came to us- was afraid to be touched, Now lets me hug him and follows me like a dog. I can slap my hip and he just comes. Lillie is stubborn and less shy than last year. She does mind us- when she wants to. She is a little scatterbrained. A gentle soul. Murphy has a mind of his own now and will normally do as I ask. Morgan minds me about half of the time. (the Kids are growing up!).

Feel free to ask me about them.. and I will try to remember to post about them.  I have another blog that I talk about gardening, the farm etc so I don't think to do it here. But I will try to post every once in a while here too.


  1. see they are just to cute. I knew I wasn't the only one. all your critters re cute but they take the prize

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  4. Absolutely fantastic!
    I love donkeys!

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