Friday, March 25, 2011

Bane of My Existence

I have been very bad in not updating my blogs... it was tax time and it took me like 2wks of working daily to get everything done.. there was NYS sales tax to do and then get the rest all done and to the accountant- where it is now.

Every year I say there has to be a better way. I am not sure what it is-- But I am still searching for it. Now my goal this year is to record each sale as it happens, when I ship... for my craft taxes. And if  I purchase-do it that night. I think that will at least help. ( I use Excell.. but am open for other ways- if you have thoughts).

And now I am spring cleaning and sorting and purging. The "Bane of my Existence" are plastic totes...
I have lots of them all full of fabric. I have no idea what I even own. I have been spending time each day sorting through what is there and either keeping it, selling it, passing it on, or just tossing it. I have bins of just scraps that I was saving-- for what?? I am not all that sure.

So, as I organize.. this week I am listing as many scraps that I could pack into a box and putting it up for sale on my Vintage shop-- Homespun Tales. I am gathering another box to list here as a giveaway. (to be announced shortly).

As I have been going through the totes- the fabrics that I am keeping-- I am cutting up the pieces then and there that scream to me they are a tea cozy or a pot holder etc.. and putting the cut piece into another smaller tote (double shoe box size) for sewing. I figure that I can now decide on a given day to just sew potholders and take out that small tote and work on just that for the day. Might get me more organized and get more things done rather than spend time looking for fabrics for the one project.

 And my empty totes? They are to house the done items. How nice it would be to just have to go to a tote for a done item rather than have to make something under pressure? That is my end goal.

So what are Your grand plans to become better organized? What is the bane of your existence?

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  1. I have got to go through my daughter's closets. She has 4 older nieces who give us hand-me-downs. She is growing like a weed and I have to get rid of quite a bit of last year's clothes.
    Great post - great blog!

    I'm a new follower from the spring hop.
    Hope you can hop by and follow me?