Thursday, February 24, 2011

Self Promotion Thursday

Well- I really tried my best to stay away from making Aprons and Purse/Tote Bags. Everyone makes them. I wanted to stay out of it... But then it happened... 3 of my shops asked for Aprons and want like 10-12 each... well- what could I do? I would rather make them myself and get paid for them than to pass it on to someone else.. I am in business to make money. And I have so much fabric here...

And then the tote bag was really an accident.. I had to clean out my closet due to ice damage and looked in a plastic tote that I knew was there-- well-- it was full of blue jeans that I will never fit into again and if they did- they are out of style and I would want new ones! So... I started cutting them up and making totes out of them. I have 30 of prs of jeans to start with and then there are the shorts and the Khakis to work with. I am on purpose Not looking at what others have done with their cut off  jeans. I know what I am doing and I don't want to be influenced by someone else's work. I do have to say they are coming out darn cute. I have shown them to a couple people and some of my other shops and so it starts-- they want them!  Now friends are saving their old jeans for me. So...I am now making Aprons and Purse/Totes. LOL.

OH and lets not forget the clothespin holders out of the blouses and button down shirts that I am making too! That started with a blue jean dress that I have always loved-- and a pair of scissors and well- this is what I have:
I still have to attach the hanger and it is good to go.

Eventually all of these things will show up on my Etsy shop... and they will be in most of my gift shops shortly. And maybe the best part is that my closet will have a lot more room in it... and my fabric stash will be less!


  1. Love the clothes pin holder. I have had my landlady's son restring her clothesline and was wondering how I could get away with leaving them out there all the time. I will try to make up one of these. Thanks! Now I have an excuse to go goodwilling! LOL

    I'm following you - I have a TON of fabric to use up so maybe I'll get some great ideas. You should try and sell them at a farmer's market or something that's what I'm doing since I am laid off right now.

    I'm following you from aquariann's Spring Blog Hop!

    Tina "The Book lady"