Sunday, February 6, 2011

It is All About Networking

So..the way to get "discovered" is to network,network,network. I have signed up for almost every social network I can think of. It is seriously almost a fulltime job some days to get caught up on these sites! I think most of my non-crafty friends just do not get it. And even some of my crafty etsy friends also don't get it... and you will hear them say that they just don't have the time. Well- good for them. I make the time. I also have more sales than they do.

And one part of the whole networking thing is to promote other shops- because: a) their customers might also become your customers, b) it is the nice thing to do, c) the other shop hopefully Thanks you by doing the same for you, d) it is Fun to do-- to help someone else get some sales or get "discovered" by your followers. Sorta like a mini Treasury.

So- here I am starting a new venture...promoting others. Not every day. I have no real time frame and I have lots to talk about on my own. But I think what goes around, comes around. So..why not?

My first shop to promote on is the leader of the "Dog Chat Team" on etsy. She is a fellow German Shepherd lover (so of course I start with that!). She has a Black German Shepherd and a Black Belgian Shepherd which are gorgeous! Her shop is BlackGermanShepherd and she takes photographs and sells the prints and note cards. Everything in her shop is very nice.    

And the whole deal with networking is-- if you have an Etsy shop, please go to Black German Shepherd
And put this shop into your favorites.

Because IS all about Networking and if we can help someone else, it really helps all of us.


  1. I love when I find other dog owners whose dogs play such a large role in their owners life. It's obvious you, Linda, are one of those owners and not only that, you have a flair for creating an awesomely comfy, cozy blog, with which to share them with the world!

    Being captain of the Etsy Dog Chat Team is really my pleasure. All dog owners, regardless of breed, are welcome. I am glad you found us at Etsy. For other who don't know, we are at:

    Really happy you chose to feature my best friends, Nikita, a black GSD and Belle, my Belgian Shepherd. Come see more cherished moments at my Etsy shop!

    Many thanks Linda!

  2. Great post! Networking is a great way to get your product out there and make some new friends too! I've added Black German Shepherd to my favorites. Beautiful dogs and some really great photos!

    Lucky Sparrow Jewelry

  3. great post - thank you. i'm following your blog

  4. I'm following now too. Glad to have found you :)

  5. I agree it's the nice thing to do! Thanks for coming by and following me. I'm following you now too.


  6. Glad you found me! That Etsy Blog Team is really working...and networking! BTW, Love your quilts, I collect vintage or antique quilts...and new quilts are great too!