Sunday, February 20, 2011

And Another- this is Fun!

Another shop that I just love is Cottage Art Studio... Jeanette Robertson is the owner of this one. Read her Bio- she is a published artist. But you don't have to read her bio to see how talented she is. I know she wants to concentrate on her pet drawings-which are wonderful. She seems to capture the soul of your pet in them.  But I also love her watercolors. She makes prints from them and sells them as that and as note cards. I have bought from her and they come packaged well. She cares about her customers and wants the repeat business. Jeanette does a lot of local art work with commissions of Pets, Homes and Camps etc.

This is the artwork she chose for this blog and why

"The Row Boat watercolor print. I saw the boat in person on Martha's Vineyard. It was so beautiful that it inspired me to paint it." 

 "The Australian Shepherd pencil drawing print is a recent favorite because the dog is very regal and intelligent looking. I also like the contrasts and details in the pencil work."
And here is also is one of my favorite prints of hers:

This picture just looks so inviting to home.
Like the others I am interviewing-- Please, go to Jeanette's links and follow her, heart her, tweet etc. I know she will appreciate it.
You can find her @

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  1. Thank you so much for adding my art and things to your blog. What a lovely person you are. You have wonderful things. What a great feel for color you have in your quilts. Your pet things are great. The tea cozy's are sooooo cute and what great gifts they would make for Mom's. I have visited your Etsy store and always look for new items you are adding. Your table runners are fab. I could fill my entire house with your stuff.