Thursday, February 10, 2011

Am I The Only One?

I was thinking about this as I cruise Etsy... Well 2 things really.

Pictures... Less is more. People are out there and they have so many things as props in their photo- that you have no idea what is for sale. I saw one today that had a lovely ceramic bowl with a flower in the center and they obviously wanted to give you an idea how to use it-- so they filled it up with some jewelry- it was hard to see the flower. I ended up liking the jewelry better than the bowl!

How about a plain backround for a busy object? Your eye doesn't know where to go. Your customer should not have to 'pick out' your items from the picture shown.

And really-- I am sorry but I will not buy something that you or your model has on their body for pictures. I admit I am somewhat of a germ-a-phobe. I don't know how clean you are.. or how often you wash your hair etc. I saw what they called an apron on a girl who clearly had nothing on underneath as you can see way more of her than is needed. And they are trying to sell it. Yuk. I also don't want a hat that is actually on someone's head for the pix. Do you have dandruff? or lice? I have no clue. I won't buy that item. And there are the people who put earrings in their own ears for a picture. Just Stop.

Yes, I would wash/clean it right away. But why should I have to? Use a hanger, a manequin something. Show another one like the one up for sale on a person. There are other ways to display.

What are your thoughts? (And yes, I did say I was sort of a germ-a-phobe) Does this bother you too?

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