Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Etsy Bloggers January Carnival Post

The questions this month are:

1) It's that time of year again! What's your New Years Resolution? Do you think it's a realistic one (will you accomplish your goal)?

2) Now that it's the beginning of a new year, what goal do you have for your business that you hope to achieve in 2011?
And my answers are... 1) I don't make resolutions.. there is no point- for me. I will most likely break it as soon as it is made! (So why bother?).
2) well- I ended the year with 176 sales (which was really for 16 months). I would like to double that this year. I would also like to double the dollar figure of the sales. This year I also cut way back on my eBay sales. I sell well there and want to get back to it. Also I have a second Etsy store that I want to try to get 100 sales on.
What are Your Plans?


  1. just came across your blog. I just started my little etsy business and have a few goals in mind. That is awesome you had 176 sales. I would probably faint if that happened to me. HA. I LOVE LOVE your quilts.

  2. Hi I am following you also from EtsyBloggers Love your blog!! Your quilts are awesome!

  3. Thanks for finding me and following my blog. I enjoy running into other Etsian Bloggers! =) Your Etsy items are SOO cute. I could see my dog using on of your dog beds!

    By the way, I have a meme called the Weekly Shop Hop on my blog, where you can link up your shop for advertisement. There's one going on now, and a new one starts on Feb. 1st.

    Thanks again!

  4. Love your quilts and designs for the pets!! :)
    from http://www.fayrealm.blogspot.com