Friday, December 17, 2010

Time for Etsy Bloggers Carnival again....

Actually, I think I am late on this. I think December is a hard month to do extra things for. It is for me. I expect to be better at posting and making things in the new year.
  This month's featured blogger is Linda @ , and  3 shops-- Good for her! I think she has some neat things on all 3 shops and I am sure she will probably take orders. Some of her things for the craft shop are my competition-- but our things look different and we each have our own take on things. The Supply shop is more for scrapbooking bits and pieces. I plan to go back there and look around better. Her design shop is jewelry. That shop is my favorite of her shops. Her prices are very reasonable and she has some different pieces that you generally see. I particularly like these 2earrings.

So, please go and check out her shops and heart her and leave your links with her. Become her follower. And maybe, just maybe-- if you need a gift, You will think of her and her shops and go shopping!

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