Friday, December 10, 2010

Fabric, Fabric and More Fabric..Oh My!

I realized today probably more than any other time... that I have No Business buying fabric.. I had to clear out the small walk in closet that holds about 50% of my cottons. I have a lot. A real Lot of fabric.
  I think I shocked even myself on how much I have. But, I will now do a more detailed inventory. (HEY- Does anyone have any computer programs they like for that sort of thing?).
  So watch my Etsy 2 sales for some fabric to be listed. I have fabric that I seriously don't even like or have no use for. I am surprised on some of the fabrics that I found that I thought were long used up.  Hmmm-- Maybe some fabric giveaways would be fun after Christmas.....
  I used up more than 100 yards this fall alone. I Do enjoy the day after Thanksgiving fabric sales. So-- my mission from now on out (2011)-- No new fabric... get the quilting cottons down to where they all fit into that closet ( because now they are in totes and bags and shelves). And if I do reach that goal- then go to the Black Friday fabric sales.
  I guess I will be sewing  more than I already do. I did decide last week that this coming year to go back to doing some more craft shows. I generally do well at them. I just got busy with Etsy and my shops this year.
  And I tend to buy say cottons to quilt with- but who says that they have to go into a quilt... why can't I make pillowcases with them? So.. I have to get those thoughts out of my head and start making more different things and not just using certain cottons for quilting. I save fabrics for certain quilts.. that is Crazy.
Does anyone know of any Fabric swaps? That might be something to try.

   I hope every one is staying warm on this fridgid day. I am in CNY and we made the National news this week due to the 48 inches of snow we had. We get a lot of snow- just not usually all in one storm! Warmer temps will be welcome!

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  1. You sound like you have tons of fabric. As I live in a cottage, I get fabric for projects that I will be doing, but have very little stash.