Thursday, December 2, 2010

Back to business

Well like many of you I have been busy crafting for the Holiday season and have not had time to write anything or check in with anyone's blog. I am very glad to be busy and am really pleased with my Etsy sales this year. My regular gift shops are doing well. I lost 4 of them this year due to closings and 2 because they never sold anything of mine. I am down to a core bunch that do very well for me and that is ok. I am certainly looking for more, but I can do that anytime. I got 2 new ones this fall that so far are selling well for me.

Life around here has been crazy.

 My old cat-- of 20 yrs and 8 months died. She was eating poorly for about a wk and then on a Thursday she refused food and Friday afternoon- she curled up in a ball for a nap and died. Very peaceful. She was not alone. I am glad that it happened that way. It is so sad to have to take them to the vet for help in passing. So RIP Cleeker, she will be missed. 

And as I write this... my 7 year old cat Gus-- is at the vet with another bout of urinary tract blockage...UGH! he is on good quality urinary pet food--Uretic by Wysong. But according to my vet he was full of crystals and bateria. They have been flushing his system this week and I should have him back tomorrow if all goes ok.
Does anyone out there have similar problems with Urinary Crystals? And what do you do about it? I have a problem with Hills Diet.. I had emailed them before and they can't tell me the meat source for their foods and they can't guarantee that the animals used in making the foods were steroid free and antibiotic free. I can't believe that Hills has the monopoly on Urinary foods. Maybe Wysong is not the food for us anymore- he has always had it. But I need his food to be 'healthy'. And if I have to-- I will be okay with cooking his food for him, at least I know it will be USDA inspected and free from harmful things.
Thanks for your help!


  1. Awww bless your heart, I am so sorry to hear about Cleeker and may she rest in peace.

    In regards to the UT issue my bf's cat has the same problem and the only thing that has worked was purina special diet UT formula... the expensive brands that are better quality never worked it was the purina kind *sigh* but havent been to the vet since she started it for UTs

  2. I get Tucker's (our sweet dog)food from a place called Indigo Creek--they only sell dog and cat food (and toys and treats, of course). They only sell one brand that contains by products..anyway, my point is, I would be happy to inquire on your behalf about a food for Gus--they might know something, then again, they may not. You can email me here:

  3. So sorry about your cat. He had a long, wonderful life.