Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Taking Checks at a Craft Show-New Bank Rules-You Need to Read This

I am not getting involved in the politics of our government or the new banking rules put forth by  the powers to be. I just want every Crafter out there to be aware of what is happening now and what I found out. Here is the list that I compiled from banks around here (CNY).

Normally when I take a check at a craft show- if  I don't know the person and am iffy about them- I would take the check to their bank and cash it. It comes right from their account and I walk out of the bank with my cash.

BUT NOT ANYMORE... Banks have come up with a new thing and they are charging a fee to non-customers (me or you) to cash a check drawn off their bank. You just need to pray that they really are not writing you a bad check. (I do have to say in more than 20 yrs selling that I have only had 2 bad checks and they have been from people I knew!).

I really don't think it would be considered leagl to charge your customer the extra fee for them to write you a check. I would certainly put a sign up at your booth to say you charge say $25-35.00 for return check fees. I know you can't expect to collect anything without that sign. Make sure you get their driver's license number and that their addresses match and you get a phone number-in case.

  • Key Bank  $7.00
  • M + T Bank  $5.00
  • HSBC  $5.00 (over $100)
  • Alliance Bank  $5.00
  • Charter One  $5.00
  • Summit FCU  $2.50
  • Citizens Bank  $7.00
  • Bank of America  $5.00
  • Chase  $6.00

And here are ones that do NOT charge you:
  • Adirondack Bank
  • Community Bank
  • First Niagara
  • Fulton Savings Bank
  • Lyons National bank
  • Oneida Savings bank
  • SECNY Fed CU
  • Solvay bank
  • Wilbur National bank
  • Americu CU
  • Empower CU

I didn't realize that there were so many banks in my phone book. I did not call all of the credit unions in the area.

And I wonder how the banks who charge will react when I and others call them to verify funds on checks? Hopefully, they get sick of doing that and reconsider these charges. When I had them on the phone- I did ask why? since the money is coming out their customer's acct.. Not one had an answer except to say "they needed to pass on costs". Great.


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