Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Etsy Bloggers Blog Carnival for 10/22/10

Part of being an Etsy Blogger is that I need to answer at least 1 question a month on my blog. You get a choice of 2 questions. The question that I chose was- Halloween is just around the corner. What is the best Halloween costume you've ever worn or designed for someone else to wear? What made it so special?

Well my answer is-- Two Years ago---one of my regular customers came to me and wanted me to design a costume for her Black Pug. Between her and I...we decided to turn her dog into Minnie Mouse. It came out so cute... I made little leggings to give the allusion of white socks, I made a Mouse hat for her.. and a dress. She took her dog to one of the local radio station's Halloween Party and she WON! Yea. The station who has the party is a well known one in my area. It was so special when she called to thank me that her dog won.


  1. Glad you found me! I am following your blog. I also clicked on the Animal Rescue button! We have 4 Yorkies, one of which I rescued. Love our babies as I can see you do too. :)

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  6. What a cute idea! I'm a new follower from Over 40.

  7. Some pet costumes are so cute! Most pets don't seem to mind being dressed up, but some have the funniest look on the face, best described as embarassment!


  8. That costume sounds so cute!! Too bad you don't have a pic to show us. So you went to a book sale Sunday afternoon. Lucky you!! :-)

  9. I wish you had a photo...that sounds just adorable! :)

  10. Thank you for becoming my newest follower and thank you for complimenting my blog! I am your newest follower too and since I am in a hurry to do some other things today I will stop by later to look closely at your handmade items!
    I love that you made a costume for a black pug. I am crazy about pugs and I would love to know what type of costume you made for her/him along with a picture! Thanks for visiting!