Thursday, September 9, 2010

Self Promoting

Well-- I have had other friends who sell ask me what I do to self promote.

I do this- I blog, Twitter, Facebook, Craigs List and sign up for all sorts of craft web sites. I sign up for Etsy teams. I Network.

I have an email list of people that I know and send them updates and ask them to pass on the information I emailed.. and see where that goes.
And I put a business card in the bag of every single item that I sell. I have business cards on my table. I keep them in my purse and pass them out to strangers.

I do have a lot of customers who have been buying from me for years. They call me about now and I make all their Christmas gifts for them. They also pass on my number to their friends. We include a business card with the gifts. I have my items in lot of gift shops and people call me through that.
I don't include little gifts with my etsy sales. I don't see the need for it.

I also am not big on promoting others. If someone only has $10. to spend- I want it to be with me. Not you. I don't even want my customers to know about you...(I know-- it is bad.. but honest).

I did start this year offering a discount to some of my repeat customers and to people who do an Alchemy with me. That has brought me repeat business.

Word of mouth is my best advertising. I do the occassional craft show to keep my name out there but most of what I do these days is to sell at other sources.

So, Lets start networking here..What works for you? What can you share with others that might help them?


  1. Totally agree on wanting people to buy from you and not look and spend elsewhere. I had a situation one year that I agreed to help a neighbors mom by selling her stuff with mine. I thought it was a one time deal but every weekend she was coming with more stuff for me to sell. Everytime I sold some of her stuff I would count that as a loss for me. When people attend craft shows they rarely buy an assortment from one vendor. They have lots of booths to visit and your very lucky if they stop and buy one item from yours and you want that sale to be yours and not someone else. Networking is a great tool but you have to be realistic too. We all want the same thing which is to be successful.

  2. Well said, but I do like to promote others too - if I help them they help me in return sometimes, which is lovely!!

    Jane :D

  3. Thanks for the comments. In reply to Groovy Pumpkin- I do Love to do Treasuriesn and one of the handmade sites has something similar. And i have been lucky enough where the people I put into Treasuries on Etsy have also put me in theirs.

    And Erin.. I have also done a favor for someone and agreed to sell their things at my booth- I won't do that again. And now I just say- which is very true- I have too many items in my space to share a booth.