Monday, September 13, 2010

She Who Dies With The MOST Fabric WINS... and I am in the Race!!

I have been thinking about it-- I have a LOT of fabric. Way too much I am sure. But really-- I get such a high in a fabric store. It is all so pretty. I almost could roll in it! And Please don't tell me about a big sale- I will be there early so I can be one of the first in the door.
     I always say --" To make Money.. You have to Spend Money". (this goes for any of you trying to sell your craft). And I buy good quality fabrics. To me there is no point to buy cheap quality. It makes my work look bad and if you sew- you can tell the difference in the feel of the fabric. I am sure the same is true with paint or scrapbooking or knitting etc.

    So..back to me-- I have 3 spaces with fabric and crafts in it them. (yes, lucky me). Most of my fabric is in clear totes. I mean the bigger ones, 64qt/61L ones or bigger.. (realistically I have 40 totes full of fabric-in the house and more in my Loft--yes there is a loft). This is not including my closet full of fabric or the 6' of shelving full of fabric for my pet beds.

I do have to say that it is confining to me to have so much fabric. And I do find it freeing to empty a tote.
    So-- Here is my goal... I want to use up 50 yards of fabric by years end. I think that might be do-able. I will keep you posted on my usage. And No- I can't promise not to buy anymore fabric. (I bought 5.5 yards today!).  I try to only buy when I need it to finish a project. BUT if there is a going out of business sale- then all bets are off. I have to buy when I can for the best prices. ('cuz you never know when you will need it!).

And after all-- I am in the race--"She who dies with the Most Fabric WINS!".

Thanks in advance for your support...LOL.!


  1. I'm in. Another person owned by their fur babies.

  2. Wow you have a lot of fabric, Happy sewing.

  3. Good luck with your fabric plans! I am sort of in the same boat...
    Thanks for linking up at Mingle Monday!

  4. Wow!! You are the Queen in my books! lol
    thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. Oh wow you do have A LOT! Thanks for stopping by and following, Im now following you :)


  6. I want to say thanks for the follow and I am now following you back!

    Also, if you need to really get rid of some fabric I will gladly take some off your hands :). My mil has tons of fabric and I always tell her I am coming over with my shopping cart.

  7. Oh my, you are just like my best friend Diahann who is another fabric collector. Make more stuff and sell them to us... With the bins you have, you will be knee deep in projects. Thanks for stopping by my blog for the Tuesday hop. I am now following you.

  8. WOW I am jealous!! I don't think you can ever have too much fabric, it is so gorgeous to look at even when you are not using it. You are certainly going to be busy, but what fun. Happy quilting.
    Jo xx

  9. Hi! Thank you for joining us at A Crafty Soiree. The purpose of our linky party is to show off a specific craft or creation that you've made. You add a direct link to that project and we all come by and see it. It's a lot of fun☺

    I think you linked to your home page this time, there are lots of blog hops like that, so it can be confusing...where you link to your homepage, but like I said this one is for specific projects.

    We'd love to have you join us again sometime, with so much fabric I'm sure you have lots of great finished projects you could share!

    I looked around a bit and found a lot of you share interesting, I liked the one about using licensed character fabric. I always wondered about that, if technically that was a no no. I don't sew or sell anything but I am always interested in knowing about that kind of thing. Also thought the post one tax ID number had good information as well.

  10. Wow! You sound like me although I don't have nearly as much fabric. I have been weaning my fabric and patterns piles and am slowly starting to focus on only baby quilts - so that's just flannel and fleece for the backing. (I piece the tops and use fleece for the back, tie it and I'm done).

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm following you back now. Tina "the Book Lady"

  11. Hmmm - I'm going to have to come back to follow. Blogger has been having a lot of issues lately and I can't access GFC. See ya later! Tina "The Book lady'

  12. They say " You have to speculate to accumulate "
    Hope you get your bags down by the end of the year.

  13. I know what you mean about the fabric, I have soo much. Thanks for your comment love, I'm returning the follow!

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  16. Riley and Abbey are beautiful dogs, I love german shepherds. Good luck on the fabric thing, I always got a high when purchasing new yarn, but hey it helps the economy, or thats my story and I am sticking to it. I am so glad you dropped by my blog I am now following and will visit often. I also love your quilty background, and your kitty curled up in her bed is so cute. Have an awesome week!

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  20. Wow, you really do have a lot of fabric! You couldn't live in an Irish cottage by the sea for sure. LOL I have a bit of a stash, but I mostly buy fabric for the project that I am doing at the time. Good luck with not buying and thanks for following my blog.

  21. You are so lucky to get those sales I wish there were some quilt shops around here,you can't really take advantage of the sales on the internet you got to be on the spot and in person. oh well!!

  22. I'm a contender, too. My husband say he can't believe we moved all my fabric across country when we came here. I really try not to add to the stash, but who can resist? I found a great buy this week at a thrift shop. I figure I need to live to be around 230 years old to complete the projects I have in mind.