Sunday, August 22, 2010

Selling your Crafts Hobby or Not??

One of my Pet Peeves is--People who sell at craft shows and really on line.. and don't have a sales tax number. In NYS where I am ... it is required. There is No excuse-- if you are selling your crafts-- you need a sales tax number.
Now, the larger shows will require it on their application. The smaller ones won't... and after my conversation with NYS sales tax- I know that the management of the craft show can get into serious trouble with NYS for not having the sales tax numbers of their vendors on file.
    But you hear it all the time..."I am only doing this as a hobby so I don't need to have a sales tax number" wrong-- Talk to NYS sales tax-- they have a different opinion. If you are selling for profit- you need a sales tax number.
      On friday I was in a fabric store- this lady ahead of me bought easily $200. in fabric and lace and beads and other findings. The checkout person asked her what she was going to be making with her treasure and this woman said- Oh I do craft shows. But she paid the tax. The check out person asked her if she had a tax number and the customer said no- she did not. (of course-Miss Budinsky (Me)..gets invloved and tells this stranger- she really should- etc). Well- the customer was not thrilled with me.. But really. She probably had almost $20.00 in tax that she paid.
     Then there is the whole other issue that people who don't charge state sales tax-- also don't declare it on their IRS taxes. I think the figure is $400.00/yr- but don't quote me.
      I do understand that the tax laws for craft vendors etc are changing for next year-- and as long as you keep good records- should not be a big deal. I am sure it will be an adjustment, but it will help weed out the people who do not charge NYS sales tax and probably force them into getting a tax number.
    Because really- I have a state sales tax number and I expect everyone else to follow the rules too. I am very resentful of those who don't follow the rules and really do wish that NYS would send more auditors or personel to shows. LOL

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