Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Brand New Blog..

I am very new to Blogging on my own. I follow a lot of them and really by accident signed up for this one! I thought I would introduce myself and decide what to chat about.

 I am a Quilter/Crafter in Central NY.  I have been doing business as The Homespun Loft since 1997 with my dba. and long before that without the dba. I live in a rural area on a farm. We have 3 Donkeys, 2 dogs, 4 Cats and some Cows.

I sew and make Specialty items for Pets and the Humans that Love them. I sell my items on Etsy.. . I have what I would call a pet line of goods and a home line. Mostly on Etsy are my pet items and also in a few Dog Groomers in NYS and Michigan. And then there are my quilted items and they're in a few Gift shops in NYS.

So, please stop by and check out my Etsy store and read my blog and by the time I check in again- I will have decided on something to chat about! Thanks for stopping by.

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