Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Thoughts

I have to tell you that I am finding Google Analytics to be very uselful in selling on Etsy. However, it is also very scary when you realize how much information you can find out about people who visit your site. I can tell what country and city in that country that you come from, along with your Internet Provider. I can tell if you came to my store via Facebook or a Google search. I can tell how long you were on my site and how many pages you looked at. I can tell how long you were on each page. Very interesting for sure... and in the long run it will help me to customize my Etsy store with the proper tags and get more traffic to it.

I spent this morning adding more things to my etsy stores. And I got a nice surprise today-- One of girls from CNY etsy did a treasury with my Vintage store-- . Please go check it out and leave comments-since treasuries are graded on hits.

I find Treasuries to be very helpful in getting people who might not every see your store to come and check you out. I have to say that most of the time when
one of my items shows up in a treasury-- then I have a sale.- Which is always Nice! Besides- Treasuries are FUN to create!

This is what works for me to make a Treasury... As I wander through Etsy... as soon as I find something I like, I heart that item. When I have at least 15 things hearted- in a theme ..then it is time to do a treasury. I open another tab on my computer...One tab is on the Treasury page and the other Tab is open in my Favorite page. Then I just copy and paste. I think of a neat name for my treasury and that is it. When done, I contact all the shops who I featured and let them know.

It takes Nothing to be nice to people and it makes them and you feel good to feature them. The best part is when they decide to do their own treasury-- they will remember you and include you in theirs. It is all about Networking!

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